Game Service

  • Age of Ishtaria

    Storm has plagued the Millennial Kingdom, leaving its people in despair.
    Purify the Godstones and bring peace back to the land in this Action RPG!
    With over 50,000 five-star reviews, this is the game you’ve been waiting for!
    Mix up devastating attacks to create your own combos!
    Launch your enemies into the air before slamming them back into the ground? OK!
    Lock them into submission with powerful debuffs? Sounds good to me!
    Customize your deck and destroy your enemies in interactive, real-time battles!
    Journey through Ishtaria by clearing Quests, and unlock further clues about its history.
    Join a Union to take down Raid Bosses, all while making friends in the process!
    Weekly updates offering new Events, Units, Rewards, and other Features.

  • Legend of the Cryptids

    “Legend of the Cryptids” (2nd highest-grossing iOS app in the U.S. for November 2012) is a world-renowned high fantasy card battle game featuring stunning artwork from illustrators around the globe! Trade with friends to collect over 3,000 beasts, creatures, and deities and reign supreme over your rivals in a variety of exciting solo and guild events! Travel across the mystical realm of Neotellus and discover drama and adventure!